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Periods. God’s blessing to women?!!
As women, we face multiple challenges in maintaining our good health. Childbirth, age, nutrition, domestic pressures, periods…there are so many factors which affect our body. Today, however, research shows us that those very same things are giving us a biological advantage like never before.

Only we women have the power to take care of our health in the future and that of our genetically related family members (our precious children, siblings & parents).

Yes! Our periods (those hated things) are a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells. These self renewing cells are being researched the world over, with new and exciting possibilities for therapeutic use looming large.

These amazing cells are found month on month, in your periods. So ‘those 4 days’ are actually more of a monthly miracle than a monthly curse.
Femme – Period Power preserved!

LifeCell International, pioneers of stem cell banking in India, now bring you an exclusive service – LifeCell Femme. To help you preserve those invaluable stem cells from your monthly menstrual cycle.

LifeCell Femme helps you collect and preserve these vital stem cells from your menstrual blood (you can do it in the privacy of your home) in a totally non invasive and painless way.

Stem cells are extracted from this blood and cryo-preserved at our state of the art laboratory, till you attain the age of 60. You can use it anytime you like, to take care of your future health and that of your family! 
Doctor Speak
Dr Kamini A Rao - Past President, FOGSI Gynecologist, Bangalore

" The process of collecting the menstrual blood stem....."
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